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Kunststoff-Kugelschreiber mit Klick-Mechanismus.
Brand Bullet
SKU A34-10723701
Material ABS Kunststoff AS Kunststoff
Packaging information Individual polybag (50 / Inner carton)
Ink color Black
Country of origin CHINA

Digital printing

Amount 1 color
1 € 3,5525

Full color doming

Amount 1 color
1 € 1,8650

Pad Printing

Amount 1 color 2 colors 3 colors 4 colors
1 € 1,0145 € 1,7030 € 2,4590 € 3,2960
Print options

Digital printing

Digital printing is comparable to the inkjet process. The image is formed by minuscule ink droplets that are sprayed on the product and dry immediately upon exposure to UV light.

Full color doming

Doming is a technique in which a 3D-version of the image (e.g. a logo) is made using a hemispherical shape (a dome) under the print. A layer of epoxy resin ensures that the dome-shaped elevation with the image on top retains its shape while hardening.

Pad Printing

Pad printing is an indirect offset printing process in which the image is formed by ink that is transferred from the engraved metal plate via a silicone pad onto the product.

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