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Diese aufklappbare Hülle ist passend für die meisten Smartphones, die alle Signale von ankommenden Telefonanrufen, Textnachrichten und Benachrichtigungen von Ihren Telefonen blockieren. Und es kann sogar WiFi und Bluetooth® Signale blockieren, während das Telefon im Gehäuse versiegelt ist.
Brand Bullet
SKU A34-13427902
Material Polyester
Country of origin CHINA

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Digital transfer

With digital transfers, it does not matter how much color your print contains. Digital transfers are even suitable for high-quality color photos. The print is digitally printed on a carrier. At the moment the most used digital transfer is the potter transfer. This involves printing glue and white ink on a surface, after which the contours of the logo are cut out and pressed onto the article. The digital transfer is ideal for small runs and high resolution prints.


By means of pigment transfer ink, the necessary colors are applied to a sheet of paper in mirror image in screen printing. These sheets are then placed on a polyester fabric and baked together, under pressure (about 4 bar) and 220 degrees, for a time of 45 seconds. The heat releases the ink from the paper and attaches itself to the fabric. This will not lose any of its color fastness after washing. For example, the back, front and sleeves are printed and then made up together into one whole.

Silkscreen print

Screen printing is a technique in which the image is placed on a fine mesh gauze and the non-printed areas are covered with an impermeable fabric. The ink is pressed through the gauze resulting in clear, sharp images.

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