Mr Fransen and Ms De Somer founded FDS Promotions more than 20 years ago. Over the years, they turned FDS Promotions into a leading company in this sector. Service is central at FDS, and our experienced employees will gladly help you choose the ideal business gift. 

At FDS Promotions we think solution-oriented rather than product-oriented.

Our specialists quickly come up with out-of-the-box concepts geared to your target group and your company's image. A business gift upon which your logo stands out is still the best long-lasting advertising for your company.

Christmas packages

Christmas is a period of cosiness, sumptuous dinners and gifts; also in the business world. You can thank your staff and business acquaintances for the past year with a Christmas package. It gives a warm feeling of appreciation, which they share with all their colleagues and their entire family. Opening a Christmas package can be seen as an unforgettable experience. 

We have been the number one distributor of Christmas packages in Belgium for many years. No matter if you have a large or small budget, you can always ask us to put together a package that suits your budget and taste.
However, we advise you to order your Christmas package on time to ensure that you can receive it on the date you specified. We recommend that you place your order in November at the latest; that way you'll have lots of choices.

Easter and St Nicholas packages

Easter and St Nicholas are the ideal time to give your staff and customers a present. Have you ever thought of giving an Easter package or St Nicholas package? An Easter or St Nicholas package enables you to show your appreciation to your staff and customers. Whether you have a large or small budget, FDS offers the nicest Easter and St Nicholas packages.

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