A notebook made from coffee, rocks or old army uniforms with your company's logo on the front. What do you think?

A personalised notebook remains a popular and useful business gift because it is used so often. Perhaps it doesn't seem like the most exciting gift. These ecological notebooks are a solution for large-scale logging. Do you want to know how you can make something extraordinary from a classic item? Continue reading.

Rock notebook

Rock-paper-scissors! One of the most remarkable new arrivals is the 'Rockbook'. As the name reveals, this notebook is made from 80% rubble. The result is a beautiful and sustainable booklet that can be recycled endlessly. Moreover, rock-paper uses fewer raw materials. No trees, water, bleach or toxins are used.

Notebook of recycled clothing

The 'Notebooq' is a notebook with a story. This booklet has really seen the world. It is available in five colours: grey, black, white, blue and green. Each colour tells a story about the origin of the cover. The cover of the blue notebook is made from recycled clothing from flight attendants. The green notebook is made from old army uniforms. Finally, recycled hospital clothing is used in the white notebook. Which story does your company want to tell?

Notebook made from coffee

Coffee, coffee everywhere! Each year, 120 million kilograms of coffee waste are generated in the Netherlands alone. The development of this notebook has provided them with a way to get rid of all this waste. The cover of this notebook is made from the waste of a cup of coffee. Moreover, the paper is 100% recycled, which means that no trees were felled.
We can print your logo on all these notebooks. So, will you help make an impact?