YES! We've decided to team up with Dopper. We are very proud to be part of a select group of resale partners.

We support their mission of helping people to choose reusable water bottles instead of disposable water bottles. Why? To protect our planet's waters. Every Dopper that is sold contributes to curbing plastic pollution and to educational and clean drinking water projects. We are ready to make an impact. Are you? In that case, continue reading.

Make this minute count

Plastic water bottle floating in the ocean

It will take about three minutes to read this article. During each of those minutes, a new truckload of plastic waste will end up in our oceans. And in that same minute, one million plastic disposable bottles will be sold worldwide. Coincidence? We don't think so. 

It's time to make our contribution

Dopper has several projects in Nepal, where it provides drinkable tap water.

We've decided to team up with Dopper to obtain their terrific reusable water bottles and support their mission. Dopper does all it can to make sure that everyone can and will choose reusable instead of disposable. It does this with campaigns aimed at worldwide awareness, research, educational programmes, and by investing in clean drinking water projects. Because if safe drinking water comes out of your tap, there is no excuse for single-use water bottles. 

Business gift tip: a Dopper thermos bottle

All available colors from the Dopper Insulated range

Are you familiar with the Dopper Insulated bottle? With this durable thermos bottle, you give a lasting gift that colleagues or contacts will enjoy every day. Its double insulated wall makes the bottle suitable for hot and cold beverages. Perfect for near the fireplace or at your desk. Moreover, every Dopper that is sold reduces plastic pollution and offers access to clean drinking water where people are in need of it. The Dopper Insulated is available in several colours and sizes; you can also choose a glass version. We will gladly print a text or logo of your choice on the bottles. That will really help you make a statement.